Wednesday, August 5, 2009

an old classic

everyone has heard of the classic tale of the three little pigs...BUT...did you know they are descendants of our family? just take a look:

there is the sometimes crazy mommy piggy.

the always silly daddy piggy.

and the very happy gege piggy.
and the big BAD wolf vivian, of course!! but wait....

i didn't know there was a fourth piggy? or is that the piggy from the shining?! ;)


jenny said...

hahahaha! those are so cute! i like the shining piggy! :-) what were the cut-outs for? looks like so much fun!

jenny said...

oh! and where is the bauer piggy?

Susan said...

Did ya'll remember to mark the kids' heights on the pole in the garage?

CathyBB said...

Ladies... no one should be allowed to make pigs look so pretty! Sheesh!

I think Clif may be the crowd fave tho. =)