Tuesday, October 27, 2009

misc & excuses

my poor computer has bit the dust...again. clif is in the process of sending it out, so i have been forced to use HIS computer. this is my sorry excuse for lack of posts....and my excuse for this first post being such a hodge podge. the next few are much better...so keep reading...

yesterday, i grabbed the mail and noticed a hand written letter to vivian....from THE WHITE HOUSE! yep, she got a reply. and her reply, when i told her she had mail from the president, "oh grrreat! i have been waiting on that!!" :)

a couple of weeks ago vivian asked me to take her picture. i turned around with the camera and was faced with this....teehee!

and mr. b, well it has been a virtual monsoon here for weeks, but sweet little b is determined to go fly his kite. almost every day he asks "kite, mommy?" it is hard to disappoint such a sweet face. soon sweetheart, soon....i promise!


Jill said...

Vivian's comment about her letter cracked me up...finally, Mr. President! :)

CathyBB said...

Oh we're so excited to see the yellow coat on such a cute dude!!!! =)