Saturday, October 31, 2009

oh.....pumpkin day!

after many days of preparation....and MANY MANY costume changes...halloween is finally here! we started the day by carving a very traditional pumpkin...with a bit of a vivian twist.

vivian was in charge of drawing the face, i did the carving, and clif and bauer supervised. when we were all through i was quite pleased but vivian INSISTED that it was missing something....a bow and earrings! ;)

luckily i know just where to find both!

look, even old momo and gigi got their halloween pictures made! (and yes, that IS a light sword...bauer refuses to have his picture made without it!)

next we made a little trip to popa and dotdot's for lunch and to help celebrate her 68th birthday!

then it was home again for a quick wardrobe change and off to party and trick or treat.

i have NEVER had so much trouble getting a good picture of everyone. here you can see bauer's face, but vivian's eyes are closed....

and here bauer is hidden, but vivian is looking. oh well, fun was had by all! hope everyone had a safe and fun halloween!!!


Kelly said...

Oh they are SO cute!!!!!!

Susan said...

Love it. I must say too, that they are a striking resemblance to the real thing. I'm an expert too cause we've watched at least 3 different Halloween specials of Scooby Doo in the last week. All several times each...including the "real people" versions. Setler is a big fan!

CathyBB said...

Miss Natalie and I just LOVE the Vivian pumpkin.

Luke just shook his head and said "I guess it's only missing a dress." =)

I would like to say that I can't believe you have flip flops pictured where I can see them! I haven't seen my flip flops in WEEKS! We had to ditch the "Boo at the Zoo" Friday night because I was sure we'd freeze if we tried. ;)