Tuesday, October 27, 2009

pumpkin patch

no you are not experiencing dejavu. the last post was also about pumpkins...but...well...it's just that time of year. our dear friend hbl turned six last saturday, and had a party at the patch. bauer was AMAZED by the large tractor that carried us to the fields....

vivian worked very hard at picking her special pumpkin...but decided alas that she needed a little help from mommy since they were all so heavy! ;)

back on the hayride, i managed to get a great shot of v and the birthday boy. (and yeah, that is a sorority girl smile in the making if i have ever seen one!)

and just for posterity...i did get ONE picture of bauer looking at the camera...but doesn't his little face just scream, "what mom?! can't you see there is a TRACTOR over there?" :)