Saturday, October 10, 2009

pumpkin pickin'

what should you do with the first cool, fall saturday?

why....pick your pumpkins of course! the church where clif and i grew up, has been selling pumpkins to raise money for their youth group since....well....clif and i were little!! ;)

the superheros, ready to get busy.....

sweet b with his find.

and the crew with some of my personal favorites....the gourds. hope everyone is enjoying this amazing weather!
oh, i almost forgot....the second thing you should do on a day like today: surprise your sweetie with a big plate of buffalo wings and blue cheese to enjoy while watching the razorbacks. look how happy it makes him! :)


CathyBB said...

1. Yippee! The kids will be so glad to see a new post!

2. Natalie will looooooove the Wonder Woman shirt! =)

3. I am pondering Photoshopping an 8-foot barrier between your children and THE STREET in that second photo, just to help my own blood pressure. ;)

4. Bauer looks like such a BIG BOY. When did that happen???

5. Can't wait to see that next pair of great big beautiful Day eyes at the pumpkin patch next year!!!

6. I think I could become a serious Hogs fan for a snack like that!!!