Friday, January 1, 2010

bauer's first haircut

it wasn't just time....

it was WAYYYY past time.

what two year old do you know that has NEVER had a haircut? well...the answer is bauer! so on the 12th we remedied that little problem. removing a rather unsightly mullet in the process.

he wasn't really keen on the idea, but he did cooperate. and when he saw himself afterward her said:

"ooooh, i look GOOOOD!!"


Tommy said...

Woo hoooooooo! He DOES look GOOD!!! Nick said, "Now he's gonna get the girls, Luke!" ?!?!? Where did that conversation come from???

- From Cathy... not Tommmy, of course!

Susan said...

Lol. Let's add that his crown makes the perfect circle in the back.