Friday, January 1, 2010


with the holiday season quickly approaching it was time to get the ball rolling on lots of our annual family traditions (or in this particular case the rolling pin). every year vivian and i bake our first batch of goodies for the neighbors, this year was no exception. i especially love this tradition, because i have so many fond memories of preparing these same recipes with my mother!

this year we added a few new traditions as wiener roasts. the kids thought this was TOO cool!!

and would sit very patiently awaiting their food.

of course the tree went up a few days after thanksgiving....(on a side note, clif LOVES to tease me about this tree....he says it reminds him of mardi gras on steroids!)

in addition each child donned their lovely christmas attire (poor vivian, i actually had a to MAKE her shirt about five minutes before she left for school. bauer could still wear his from last year, or i guess i would have been making TWO...ooops!)

so with traditions new and old....let the christmas season begin!!


CathyBB said...

I LOVE that shirt! Well done!