Friday, January 1, 2010

christmas eve

on christmas eve we headed out VERY early to make the drive to clarksville, and spend christmas with day's. upon arriving we were greeted with hugs, kisses and a table set for a king!!

the kids loved their own spot, and the grown-ups weren't disappointed either!! after stuffing ourselves on joan's amazing cooking, we cleaned up, and headed to an early christmas eve service.

the little day family.

the mulhearn's.

the cousins. bauer 2, setler 2 1/2, vivian 4. next year, this group will DOUBLE in numbers. wow...i really still cannot wrap my head around that! i'll do the math: that makes a 5yo, a 3 1/2 yo, a 3 yo, a 9 months old, and TWO six month olds!!! see why i can't quite wrap my head around it?!

after church the grandkids put on their matching pjs. pants courtesy of moi, but shirts courtesy of aunt su.

and posed for a few more pictures. with sweet faces like those....i think i might could get use to the idea of six! we are beyond blessed!!! :)


CathyBB said...

Oh this last cousins photo is so cute! I adore the matching jammies. =) I highly recommend an annual photo... they are SO much fun to see year after year, especially with all these changes!

Susan said...

Setler loves his pj pants. As a matter of fact, he has them on right now! Super cute. Thanks for making them.