Friday, January 1, 2010

christmas in clarksville

christmas morning the kids were SO excited, they could hardly wait to see what santa had left! vivian was in awe of her dora mermaid doll...

bauer was in awe of his...banana?! well...whatever does it for you, i guess! ;)

after getting dressed and eating a little breakfast casserole, everyone opened presents from each other. pawpaw, obviously needed LOTS of help.

vivian was pretty happy about her scooby doo movie from cousin setler.

and the kids all got great matching, warm pj's from gege and pawpaw.

next, it was gege's turn...who also needed LOTS of help! later that afternoon the kids burnt off a little of that energy while playing outside...

god bless their hearts, they just aren't accustomed to such cold weather (nor am i, for that matter). but after much bundling...

they seemed to enjoy themselves just the same! what a wonderful, blessed way to spend christmas!!