Sunday, January 17, 2010's super....

what could make b this excited, you ask? must be his new supercape!! (and before you ask...yes, i made them and designed them, but no, my friend sarah planted the idea in my head.)

that's right folks now protecting the greater little rock area, i present super v and super b!

and they already have one victory under their belt. ;)


Sarah. said...

those are so cute!!!!
and thanks for the credit, but we both know I stole it from that one site! ha!


Tommy said...

Ca-ute! But we already knew they were superhero kiddos, right?

Tell Clif that's likely how Tommy injured his hip. ;)

- Mrs. Tommy, who came here entirely of her own accord, not due to any particularly funny emails or anything like that! =)

katandkarl said...

I love Clif's face in that last shot. Classic.

The Skinner's said...

Those are ADORABLE!!!!!!!