Sunday, January 3, 2010

lists and stuff

today is freezing...with snow flurries (or at least what a southern girl would consider flurries, i saw about a dozen flakes at two different times), thus making inside time a must. and while my children play with their newest christmas acquisitions, and a big pot of red beans and rice simmers on the stove, i thought a little reflection might be in order.
i don't really believe in new year's resolutions, (i know, i were on baited breathe awaiting this earth shattering news.) but here are a few things i do plan on doing in 2010:
1. having a baby. yeah, i figure this is something i can TOTALLY do since i am currently 27 weeks preg.
2. drinking coffee every morning. i blame kat and\or clif for this one. cause really, what is a new year without a little blame?
3. make multiple lists of projects to do around house. ie...paint my childhood dresser for new baby.
4. stop making lists, and go and dance to the wiggles with miss v and mr. b.
yep, that is it...and i'll think i'll start now. toot...toot...chuggachugga...big red car...

*yes, this IS a totally random picture of vivian taken yesterday at our mother-daughter lunch. we decided to hit up cheeburger cheeburger after mckenzie's party. miss v asked me to take her picture with her new ring and painted fingernails. i obliged....and really what is a post without a picture anyway?!


CathyBB said...

1. More new posts already? Am I on the wrong blog? ;) Ooooh... I will pay for this one day, I know!

2. I'm letting that "cold" comment slide because I know you wrote this BEFORE I told you it was 14 BELOW ZERO here.

3. COFFEE?!?!? Now I REALLY think I must be on the wrong blog.

4. No lists? Just try, dear. Your genes will take over. Consider me proof. ;)

Susan said...

Lists make the world go round. Kat'll agree more to that I bet than the coffee deal. My resolution=start recycling. This is kinda cheating, but since our neighborhood just switched trash services so it's now provided-I'm using it! Oh yeah, and to have 2 babies. 16 weeks Wednesday.