Friday, January 1, 2010

nashville christmas

yep, that's us....bundled up and ready to go.

the day after christmas we headed to nashville to do a little "look-e-see". we started with charlie brown ice.

bauer was amazed...

even though we had prepared and bundled like crazy, upon entry you were all given these blue hooded coats. when i asked if this was necessary the man said, "well, it is six degrees in there." um ok, i'll take the coat.

EVERYTHING was made of ice. even the popcorn and lights on the tree behind us.

and of course, snoopy.

we were very grateful to have pawpaw and gege on hand. especially, since every kid looked EXACTLY alike in those blue jackets. after a momentary scare of losing bauer...

the big boys decided to lighten the mood....isn't is a bit appropriate...the sign they are standing under?!

bauer and setler then decided to try out the ice slides (vivian would have NO part of it).

and after checking out some more charlie...

we then lost setler, (sigh...) but quickly found him, too!

who would have ever guessed these two little sweethearts would run off?

next, we headed to the opryland hotel to see the light displays, but unfortunately NONE of my photos turned out. (what??! why does that happen?!)

but the camera revived, as did the small children, when clif and i decided it was a good time to offer chocolate cake for dinner.

somehow, we convinced them....and they obliged! like i said, what sweet little children!! ;)


CathyBB said...

That place is SO COOL!!! (The pun WOULD be intended if Tommy were in the room!) What an absolute blast!

Susan said...

I saw on Cathy's facebook that you updated the blog. Yay! We had fun with y'all in TN. Next year the Day side will definitely be celebrating in AR! Hopefully we won't loose any kids! 2 out of 3 are not good odds when it comes to heart wrenching panics! Good idea with the ICE thing.