Thursday, February 4, 2010

clif is working a strange schedule this week (due to impending MAJOR changes. STILL nothing final yet....ugh the wait....but i digress), so we had a little unexpected daddy day time.

this, coupled with a few days of sunny above freezing weather, gave us the perfect excuse to try out some of our new soccer moves, as a family.

i think this might be bauer's idea of defense: playing dead. ;)

vivian still is working on her dribbling....

and bauer (after his defensive moves were mastered, of course) decided it was a good idea to join in as well.

MY favorite part is the excited little girl who scores on her daddy, the goalie. look at that face! :)

after a quick snack (yes, i know their faces are funny....that's real life folks!)...

we headed to the playground.

where vivian showed us her climbing skills...

and bauer repeated her every move! ;) can you say pete and re-peat?!


CathyBB said...

I love the score-cheering; hope daddy wasn't too dejected at being beat! ;)

P.S. I should have looked at this post BEFORE it started snowing here again. Sighhhhhhh.