Monday, February 1, 2010

let the countdown begin...

today we had an appointment with the ob, and due to multiple reasons, i asked the BIG question..."how much looonger?" (trust me, it is said with the same whine as a child asking "how much furrrrther?" on a big trip.) don't misunderstand...i LOVE my ob, but we have NEVER agreed on when i get pregnant, or when i am due. SOOOO i knew i was in for a bit of a....let's say discussion. after deciding i did NOT want to be in the hospital on easter weekend, and hearing the hospital's new policy of NO c-sections before 39 weeks...we decided on our big day. APRIL 8th!!! mark it down folks....we did!! hence the countdown calendar...lovingly made, and colored (yes, every single square) by two sweet children.

who, by the way...are quite "buzzed" about her arrival!! (get it?! buzzed? i crack myself up.)


jenny said...

yay! what a good birthday!

i'm confused ... baby norah? i thought the baby's name will be emily???

lots of love to all of you!

Cynthia said...

exciting! couldn't schedule just one day earlier? ;) can't wait to meet my fellow wonderful aries

CathyBB said...

I'm so glad I can say this long-distance, because I know you can't smack me from there... but it seems SO CLOSE! I know it probably doesn't for the insomniac, anemic preggo but WOW... she'll be here so sooooon! =)

FYI I had to print this for Miss Nattie. =)

Susan said...

Guess your kids inherited the artisticness from your side cause no Day has it!
Got April the 8th circled, marked, and highlighted. You'll go in extra early I presume?
Norah is the final conclusion? Cute.