Saturday, March 27, 2010


chances are if you read ANY arkansas blogs, you will see a post very similar to this. wye mountain is a little bit famous, if for no other reason than for generations people have been making the forty minute trek out of the city to take pictures of their kiddos. we did it when i was kid, so i was having a hard time thinking about skipping this year....never fear....we made it!

we were accompanied by our dear friends, ruby and trip.

oh yeah, and their sweet mommy miss stephanie.

i wasn't sure how cooperative the kiddos would be, and they looked SOO cute, that i took a test shot before we left...

but they were pretty cooperative.

or at least for a little while.

they were very excited to pick the flowers (which is only allowed in a certain area),

the girls LOVED their bouquets, while the boys used theirs as swords.

it was a great day, with great friends....thanks reeves!


CathyBB said...

Natalie is so excited to see Vivian in that dress! She can't wait to match! =)

Beautiful photos!

Susan said...

I hate hate hate I missed Wye Mt. this year. So pretty. Good pics.