Saturday, March 27, 2010

excuse #3,982

sometimes i just don't know where to start. this is true in life...and in the blog world. i take pictures constantly, but they don't always tell the most interesting of stories. so i wait to blog, then i get overwhelmed, because i don't want to do it out of order...etc....ugh! with another baby's arrival quickly approaching i think i'm going to get over it....quickly! so here is a bit of miscellaneous happiness:

1. bauer adores his daddy....and daddy kind of likes his big boy, too! :) last week clif asked me to come outside and check out what was going on....clif was grilling dinner, and.... was big b!!

2. vivian "posing" before dance in her new leg warmers.

3. v got six inches cut off her hair. don't freak! it is still considered long (past her shoulder blades), but she asked for me to take a picture....and of course bauer wanted in on it.

4. miss v has also been doing a LOT of artwork lately (something i LOVE, because my mother was a talented artist and always encouraged us to express ourselves through multiple mediums.) this is her latest self portrait via doodle pro.

5. ihop had free pancakes a couple of weeks ago...all you had to do was make a donation to the local children's hospital. gege was even in town and was able to join us....

b thoroughly enjoyed it as well....oh, and yes....he has yet ANOTHER black eye, courtesy popa's end table. i know, LOVELY, huh?


CathyBB said...

Oh my gosh we didn't even notice Vivian's haircut! But you know what's funny? Natalie had a bunch chopped too, and no one noticed that, either! She thinks this is REALLY funny. =)