Wednesday, April 7, 2010

all things preggo

at this age (and stage) i should avoid all shots of the belly....BUT since this is the LAST hoorah, what the heck. here is miss frances in utero for the last time. most of these last days have been spent preparing for our new addition's impending arrival...

miss vivian has been brushing up on her artist skills....saying, "i KNOW baby sissy will LOOOOOVE this!"

and rather than pay a small fortune on etsy, i decided to MAKE the kids matching shirts.

they liked them...i think! :)

yep, that is one PROUD big brother!!


jenny said...

love the bump shot! you look beautiful! what lucky kids to have a momma like you! :-)

Tommy said...

Tee hee! Oh honey... in a TRUE testament to the wonder of TIME HEALING ALL WOUNDS, my first reaction toward your belly shot was jealousy! =)

My SECOND thought was "HA! She's still HALF the size I was." And no, I don't mean vertically!!! ;)

So excited for you! And the shirts are FANTASTIC! I told you I loved them at the IDEA, but the execution is perfect. Way to go!!!

- Mrs. Tommy

Whitney said...

i am so excited, maybe not as excited as Bauer, but excited!
happy baby Day tomorrow!

Susan said...

Love the shirts. I'm jealous cause I have not a single crafty bone in my body.