Wednesday, April 7, 2010

easter morning

in no particular order....

excited little children checking out their baskets.

miss vivian posing with her new barbie iphone.

mr. b in his new spiderman goggles.

first glance at the goodies...

the baskets.

buzz lightyear dive sticks were a BIG hit! (how does that easter bunny* know?)
*on a side note, when we were leaving the house this morning vivian said, "mommy look!!" i turned around and only saw a big pile of trash neatly stacked in the garage trash basket. i asked, "what is it, honey?" "mommy, the easter bunny is SOOO good....he took out all the garbage and packaging from our easter baskets!" "uh-huh....what a niiiice bunny!!" i said! ;)


Tommy said...

Tee hee! What a GREAT bunny! =)

- Mrs. Tommy

Beth said...

Ha, ha!! That made me laugh! I didn't know they made a Barbie iPhone! I'll have to get that for my six-year-old niece!

Megan said...

Where did the Easter Bunny find that Barbie iphone?