Wednesday, April 7, 2010

easter 2010

we went to church with popa on easter morning....the kids were REALLY excited to get to sit with the grownups!

afterwards we headed to popa and dotdot's for lunch. a family picture was NOT going to we gave up and settled for the cutest ones of the bunch.

after a quick change of clothes...the easter egg hunt was underway.

mr. b (a novice last year) was able to find his fair share this year.

and the expert...well, you KNOW she racked up!! it was a beautiful day to celebrate!!


Tommy said...

DISCLAIMER: Woah, blogger acting up. My apologies if half-comments load! =)

OTHER DISCLAIMER: Of course, this is Mrs. Tommy commenting, not Tommy!

Now after all of that, what I REALLY wanted to say was WOOO HOOOO! New posts! I am so excited about tomorrow but thrilled to see these pictures! Cannot wait to hear about Miss Frances Katherine!!!

Susan said...

Missed y'all at the Mulhearn Easter festivities, but glad y'all got some Popa and Dotdot time. It's about time you did a preggo belly shot. Fantastic.