Wednesday, April 21, 2010

hospital days

it was pretty easy to update from the hospital...not so much with three little ones around! ;)

so here is the final "hospital wrap-up". frances and mommy right after delivery. ugh, the nose!! WHY do they insist on filling you with SOOO much fluid?! this time i even developed these weird chipmunk cheeks....not too cute, especially since i looked more like marlon brando than myself!

i love this picture of my daddy....he just looks SOOO proud.

one of our many well wishers (btw, somehow i didn't remember to take pics...send me one if you did)...miss lauren, who incidentally is expecting her second this september.

first family shot (taken by miss joanie, of course).

miss frances debut. one of the many things i remember my mother saying about all three of her girls was how each of us were completely covered in vernix...she would further claim that is why we have beautiful skin as adults. it makes me giggle to think how pleased she would be to see her cheesy covered granddaughter! ;)