Wednesday, April 21, 2010

photo shoot

now i must admit....whitney loibner i am not, BUT when you have a subject as cute as miss can you not attempt a little photo session?! since we were required to stay in the hospital an extra 24hours due to jaundice, i decided to make the best of it. we had a room with wonderful sunlight (great for reducing her bili level) and great for picture taking. here our little one is enjoying a little sunbathing....

wearing the same jammies her mommy, and both big brother and sister wore.

probably my favorite picture....she just looks so sweet!

a little awake time.

and in the dress aunt susan wore as a baby. i had intended for her to wear this home, but we got the news that her bilirubin was only a fifteen, so they had decided to discharge us. we were so excited, that i didn't think to change her clothes as we hit the door running, afraid they would change their minds!! ;)


Susan said...

Aw, I'm honored she wore my dress. She wears it well. Cute.