Saturday, May 15, 2010

bonus footage

apparently i forgot (oh, i wonder how THAT happened) that celeste had both her big camera, AND the little camera the day frances was born (not to mention the video recorder), and here is the lost footage! aunt sis and i before miss frances debut...

and sweet uncle jon, too!

clif in the waiting room while i was being prepped. he looks a little scared i think?!

the very patient group: celeste (aunt sissy), aunt su, gege, popa, dotdot, pawpaw, auntie addie. (uncle jon, uncle seth and steph were there too, just not in this shot.)

awwww....brand new #6. (wow, i cannot sis and i have had SIX post-baby pictures made together!!)

proud mommy!

next generation of day's just keeps getting bigger...

auntie addie flew in JUST for miss frances birth...all the way from philly.

yeah...i love her...just a little bit! :)
what a great day!!