Sunday, May 9, 2010

i promise... catch up!!
but if it is one thing i have learned as a mother...sometimes you just have to toss the schedule, and go with the flow...
but i couldn't let this mother's day go without a little recognition.
a few years ago i was very upset by mother's day. in only a few short weeks my mother will have been gone seven years. it doesn't even seem possible, and yet it seems like forever. i still want to call her, and tell her something funny i saw at the store. i still feel her, when i need that extra push to make it through a tough situation. and i still see her...sometimes in my own hands wiping dirt off a kiddo's face, or sometimes in my children. and so every year when mother's day rolled around i felt cheated. it wasn't until someone pointed out to me (as i was having a rather large fit of self-pity) that i WAS the mother. uhhh....well....DUH!! it sounds simple enough, but sometimes you get so wrapped up in the details, you can't see the whole picture. there are SOOO many women who struggle with infertility, and i have three beautiful, healthy blessings!
so for every mother's day that has followed, not only have i relished every minute (in fact this year we celebrated "mother's day week")...i have expanded this idea to include all the women in my life who have been an inspiration to me as a it goes (in no particular order), and you know who you are:
joan: our matriarch...very genuine and true, very rarely losing her does she do that?!
sissy: without you i wouldn't know how to bathe a baby, change his diaper, or over feed him!
cbb: the big sister i never had....someone who knows just how to worry, and then pray about it.
s: an all-round can do, gal. your energy, creativity and insight inspire me.
a: the calm in the storm. always able to smile no matter how many balls you have in the air.
wl: think before you speak...a concept i have yet to master, but what a great idea! ;)
su: the planner of all planners....always looking ahead, but always stopping to enjoy now, too.
kh: a child at heart, and therefore always full giggles.
there are many many more...but these are the ones that pop to mind.
so what's the point, you ask?!
i was so blessed to be the daughter of an amazing woman...
i am so blessed to be the mother of these amazing children...
and i pray that god will continue to bless me, by surrounding me with this amazing group of women, who define all that i hope to be as a mother.


Susan said...

Awww. You're so sweet. Thanks for the shout out too. Happy belated Mother's Day!

CathyBB said...

Amen, "sister"! =) What a sweet post. You know your momma would be so proud!!!