Wednesday, May 12, 2010

purple crushers

not your average soccer group pics, but not your average soccer team, either!

we had such a love\hate relationship with soccer season this year. we LOVE our team, we LOVED to coach, we LOVED watching miss v finally figure it out, get in there, and kick the ball! but twice a week, and pregnant, and mr. b wanting to join the team, made for some challenges.

luckily...we survived. better still....we really did have fun! we will definitely do it again this fall...

i just hope we have such a great group!! :)
*photos of course by the fab miss whitney loibner.


CathyBB said...

Now you KNOW I know nothing about soccer but... I thought it was all about cute hair? Why are these other children not as well accessorized as Miss Vivian?

Oh... maybe 'cause they're boys, huh?

Har har har... really they are all too cute and I'm so glad for your whole family that you had this experience!