Wednesday, May 12, 2010

may thus far...

our newest addition may be doing a bit of this...

but let me assure you...the rest of us (meaning clif and i, mainly) haven't!! which is why this is going to be a bit of a catch up post. this and that of the last few weeks. the above is one i just couldn't resist there anything cuter than a sleeping three week old?

-the saturday before mother's day, vivian and i had a little mother daughter date. we went to the arts center and saw their production of aladdin. afterwards i asked her, "what was your favorite part?" and she answered simply, "all of it!" :)

-vivian thought miss frances needed a sleeping buddy, mr.gorillee.

-everyday we have a little "IIIIII want to hold her" time. bauer always looks so proud.

vivian always looks so happy...frances...well she looks a little concerned.

but brother's extra love is always comforting! ;)

-we were expecting sweet miss frances to be around ten pounds, so when she debuted at a mere 6 lbs. 9 oz. we were a bit shocked. this is our smallest baby, by far...and frankly we were not prepared in the clothing department. luckily vivian has a vast wardrobe of doll clothes, for some of which she has matching dresses...

it has been a life saver!

-speaking of life is mine. what would III do without this great partner?! frances sure does seem to like some daddy time. :)

-frances is also fitting in quite well to our night time ritual. especially story time, she seems to have found the perfect spot...right between brother and sister.

-and even though she has met her aunt su before, apparently this time she was super excited (i mean look at that face!)...i bet it is because she knows her twin cousins will be here in just weeks!


CathyBB said...

Oh I especially love the big bro/big sis pictures. So sweet!

And the doll dress is hysterical! What brand are those? You know I have scoured every store here for girl/doll dresses and I haven't seen that one, or anything even close!