Tuesday, June 8, 2010

another one bites the dust...

and another one down...and another one down...
where does the time go?!
alas, another school year has ended...AND, this year vivian graduated pre-k!

what a blessing these two ladies have been as teachers. i was a bit nervous to send vivian back to school so soon after her accident, but i KNEW she was in great hands!!

in addition...bauer was equally blessed to have had ms. shannon and ms. michal. and even though he fussed every SINGLE day when i dropped him off....he always quit before i could hang up his backpack, and obviously, had a great time!!

vivian's request at graduation was that i take her picture with a few of her friends, namely jadyn...

and of course, campbell...

and madeline!

congrats miss v and mr. b, we cannot believe how quickly you are growing up!!


Veronica said...

Congrats Vivian and Bauer!!

I can't believe this school year is over too. Amazing how quickly our children grow.

Love the picture in the side bar of Frances.. Absolutely breathtaking!

You have such a beautiful family Somer!