Tuesday, June 8, 2010

randoms....yes, AGAIN!!

*bauer is definitely in LOVE with his baby sister!!! what kills me is this was he and vivian just seconds ago....seriously, check it out!

*i LOVE this spiderman!!

*frances was accepted into a breast feeding study at ach. it basically studies how breastfed vs. formula fed babies grow. here she is being weighed in the "pea pod". it really cracked me up because she looked like a mini olympic swimmer...teehee.

*popa and dot left for a month in europe....so we celebrated his 79th early, with a little story time!

*i finally thought to pull out the playmat, it was a success (or at least in my books. anything that will give me 15 minutes of quiet baby time...yeah, i deem that a success!!)


CathyBB said...

That Vivian/Bauer picture wasn't seconds ago... it was a few WEEKS, maybe! ;) But seriously - NOT nearly THREE YEARS! Isn't that Spiderman still an infant????

Miss Frances looks like she's training for the luge!