Monday, June 14, 2010

lil baby wall hanging

i'm not the least bit sorry..THIS baby is beautiful. i don't care if she is mine. and while i was trying to capture her still very blue eyes, her daddy was busy inducting her into the "club".

please don't ask me how or why, but with each child clif has done this "tradition"? he takes them under the arms and raises them high in the air, and then pretends to hang them on the wall like a picture. then he announces with glee, "look!! it's a lil baby wall hanging!!" the baby then squirms and laughs and he stares them down...and they squirm and laugh more. it is weird, so don't ask me...but they all love it!

i couldn't capture her laugh, but i DID capture the "your so crazy" daddy look. teehee, maybe this one is MINE after all!!! ;)


CathyBB said...

You evidently haven't seen the "alien abduction" routine Tommy did with our children and the recessed lights in the family room beam... yeah... maybe we shouldn't get these two together again this summer. ;) Just kidding - we picked fantastic daddies! I love this routine & Miss Frances showing some personality!