Tuesday, June 15, 2010

little natalie

today we took a "home" day, and i decided to do a little cleaning. somehow a little turned into a lot, and i have now purged v's closet and drawers. upon doing so i realized i had a few things put back in the too big pile. they were size six so i thought maybe next year. but guess what?!*

they fit! even the little sailor dress with the matching doll outfit. wooohooo.

thanks cousin natalie!!! we are so excited for you to come and visit and see vivian wear all the cool outfits you have been sending our way!! :)
*and NO, vivian is NOT wearing pantyhose in that first picture...that is just how tan all of us are already. and YES, we wear 30 and 50 sunscreen. see why we needed a day at home?


CathyBB said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Okay I can NOT keep up with all these growing kids! I can't believe it!!! I've been trying so hard to prepare myself for Bauer but now I think I need to prepare harder for Vivian! =)

We are SO glad Vivian is having fun playing Natalie! ;) But HEY... there should be a ladybug shirt to match the polka dot shorts! I hope it wasn't lost to the uh, you know... The Incident on the way home last summer!

So Natalie has just had a hoot looking at these, and she had to see herself in the outfits. SO, for Miss V's viewing pleasure:


- Good gravy, that one even has a Leo cameo! ;)