Saturday, June 12, 2010

meet the mulhearns [twins]

today vivian and bauer went to meet their newest cousins, daylee and hayes. even though frances was the first cousin to see these cuties (just mere minutes after they were born) it wasn't until today that we were able to take a class picture. here they are...the graduating class of 2028! :)

bauer took some inital interest in the babies, but was MUCH more interested in his cool cousin setler, and quickly set off for the backyard playground. vivian on the other hand, was beaming holding both of the babies.

i must admit, i would have been a bit proud, too...look at how BEA-utiful they are!!!

my thoughts exactly miss v!!!


CathyBB said...

The class of 2028... love it!

Natalie will be pea green with envy! She spent most of the afternoon lugging her babydoll now newly named Frances around with her. =)

katandkarl said...

2028 - for real? jeeeeeeeeezus mary and joseph. frances looks so SWEET i just want to SMOOCH her.

Veronica said...

Beautiful!!!! Vivian definitely looks in love. A little mom in training!

2028!!! That's just crazy!