Saturday, June 12, 2010

two months?

seriously?! my little bit is already two months? i can hardly believe it.

she is finally turning into a little person with her own personality.

she loves to goo gooo gooooo, and geeg geeeg geeeeee! and she almost always smiles at her mommy!! she weighed 8lb 9 oz at her check up (which was a 1.5lb weigh gain in three weeks...YOWZA!)

and she LOVES to stand up....well, as long as her big ol' noggin will let her! ;)

what did we do before we had you miss f? i can't recall...but who would want to!!!!


Buttercup said...

Two months, but infinitely adorable.

CathyBB said...

Oh, beautiful! We so very much needed this post! =)