Wednesday, June 16, 2010

today's story...

a small is a family joke that no day man can pay attention when the television is on. a plague that knows no limits, every generation is rendered completely deaf within ten feet of a tv, and has a complete inability to "concentrate".
and now...the story:
me: vivian please go clean up your room.
v: i can't mom.
me: why?
v: i want to see the end of this show, pleeeeeeeeease.
me: ok, i'll clean up your room, and then you can clean up mine (where she was watching the show).
v: ok.
after picking up her room and realizing she was NOT picking up mine...
me: vivian, i told you to pick up.
v: but i CAAAAAN't mom. i'm just like my daddy!!
me: what? your daddy is a big helper. he picks up ALL the time. what do you mean?
v: i cannot consummate when the tv is on.

ahem....concentrate. yeah.


Amy James said...

o my word. I just laughed out loud! Thanks for sharing, it started my morning off with a smile.

The Henrys said...

How funny! The Henry men have the same T.V. issue and Madeline and Will seem to have inherited the ability to tune everything out when it is on. Did you keep a straight face when she mixed up the words?

Su said...

Ha! But dad's never really watching anyhow. ;)