Saturday, September 18, 2010

birthday bash

this year we decided to do another combined birthday party. so on august the 28th we rented out the opoa pavilion and pool, and celebrated vivian turning 5 and bauer turning 3!!

it was a beautiful day filled with family & friends.

trip and steph.

baby sister frances.

eli and campbell.


birthday girl, vivian and savannah.


finally, we all gathered to enjoy a little picnic of pb&j, cheetos, juice boxes and cupcakes.

some of us REEEALLLY enjoyed the cupcakes!! :)

the kids opened their gifts from gege and pawpaw (since they were heading out of town). vivian got a very cool iron and ironing board she had been eyeing for quite sometime in the pottery barn catalog.

and bauer got a buzz lightyear scooter, both were a BIG hit!!

when we got home the kids enjoyed opening the rest of their gifts from friends, and from each other. this was the first year they picked something out for the other all by themselves.

just for my memory, vivian got bauer a woody costume, he got her a barbie convertible. it was a fabulous blessed day!!