Saturday, September 18, 2010

first day of school 2010

after much prayer and discussion we decided to send vivian to pre-k again this year. (her birthday is funny, and the school district recently changed the cut-off's complicated.) it was really nice to see a lot of familiar faces and bauer was very excited to start his 2 year old class as well!

vivian loves her new jessie backpack she got from her popa and dotdot for her birthday.

my big girl was ready to go on her first day. she walked right in, hung up her backpack and lunch, and said to the teacher, "are we going to do any math today? i really like subtraction best!" :)

the whole crew ready to go.

bauer was so funny, he very sweetly explained to baby frances that he would just be gone a little while and not to be sad, because mommy would take good care of her while he was at school. ;)

all in all, it went very smoothly (why do i always worry?!) and everyone,

including the very happy parents, had a good first day.


CathyBB said...

Okay this one makes my heart hurt. As if the birthdays weren't TOO MUCH, they look like they're going off to COLLEGE to me in these pics! =) Beautiful!