Wednesday, September 22, 2010

pj wednesdays and latkes

every single day someone has an activity...sometimes multiple activities. so during the school year we have adopted pj wednesday. and i like it. A LOT!

so do these folks. this week we have also discovered a new cartoon series. it is by hbo, and it teaches basic morality using old school fairy tales with a mutli-cultural, modern day twist. yesterday's cartoon was rip van winkle, but was really more about his wife vanna van and was narrated by gloria steinem. i'll take that over max and ruby ANYDAY!! today's had a judaic spin, so as i was about to start preparing lunch vivian asks...

"mom can we have potato latkes?" ummm....YES! so i found and recipe online and...

VOILA!! served with sour cream and blueberry applesauce. (this is b's he wanted plain). this afternoon we are reading chapter books, and finishing v's math workbook. then we are ALL napping!! :) don't you just love hump day?!