Sunday, October 17, 2010

friday and a visitor

friday morning we were very busy. we ran a LOT of errands. so to ensure that i didn't get lost i spent a lot of time vivian's mommy's purse. i like it. there is a LOT of stuff in there to play with!

on friday afternoon we had a very special visitor, gege! she was very cool, and even spent the night. the next morning after a yummy breakfast made by daddy. we headed to the park.

i really liked the swings.

and vivian and i played the coolest game.

but soon i got tired, so i asked to hang out with frances and the mommy. they made a nice spot for me in the sling.

after i rested vivian showed me how to climb the tower...

and even took me for a bike ride! weee....don't worry i ALWAYS wear a helmet! :)


CathyBB said...

I think I would like to befriend Parsley. I really love his blog updates! =)