Sunday, October 17, 2010

parsley and the MANY parties

after a fun morning with gege and at the park it was time to come home and clean up for party time.

first was our friend isabella's 6th birthday.

it was a candy land theme with a fun jumper house. we really liked it.

next, it was harrison's 7th birthday. at the last minute, the mommy decided i might feel left out, and since she had leftover fabric from making frances' costume she whipped up "incredipig". i really like it!

we had a really fun time at the party. so much fun, that the mommy forgot to take a single picture.

she did get a picture of baby frances being incredibaby, jack jack. frances has some fancy super sitting all by herself! :) that IS a tricky one...


CathyBB said...

Okay now I have TOMMY alerting me to new Day posts... what happened to my warning emails?!? ;) It was so funny, because he said "even the pig had a costume" and I had no idea who the pig was. I really need to keep up better, huh?

We all looooove the Incredibles!