Friday, October 8, 2010

blue crushers

our soccer days are coming to a close. there is only one game left this season, and while i will be happy to reclaim my tuesdays and thursdays.

i will be very sad to no long have a reason to gather with these great folks on a weekly basis.

there is always someone there to hold your hand, hold your baby, or just help you hold on to your sanity.

and yep, the game itself is pretty enjoyable as well.

so thanks blue crushers, for another amazing season....we are so honored to be your coaches and your friends. :)
*you KNOW who took these fab photos. miss whit! ;)


CathyBB said...

Ooh, I had hoped the flurry of comments meant you had updated!

Natalie REALLY digs Vivian's hairdo! ;) She wants to know if she helped inspire that.

Nick wants to know if the Blue Crushers have crushed anyone.

Luke wants to know if you'll come back soon. Me, too!

The Walkers said...

These are gorgeous pics! Sydney really wanted to try and come check out a soccer game but we didn't make it! Hopefully next season ;) and things will be a little more normal for us. Syd asked tonight if she could come and take a bath in Vivian's tub so we are all missing y'all! Call next week and we can get together. Baby Kate needs some snuggles!