Monday, October 4, 2010


this weekend was amazing. we have turned the ac off and the windows are open. hooray!! on sunday we decided to all head to the river for a little bike riding.

bauer with his new buzz lightyear scooter he got from gege and pawpaw for his birthday.

vivian with her dora bike. (yep, she really can move on that thing!)

i asked her is she was a serious cyclist. this was my response. ;) i guess that means yes.

i'm not sure bauer is so serious, but he sure had fun!

"mommy, take my picture while i pose." :)
and where, might you ask was miss frances during all this? well, she was riding snugly in her sling, taking it all in. apparently she took a little too much in, because when i went to take her picture as we got in the car....

this is what i saw. like i said....a great weekend, indeed! :)


CathyBB said...

Not to take away from the cute bike photos, but... is it these photos or has Miss Frances grown a ton of hair in the last week???? Have you deviated from the Day Baby model? ;)