Wednesday, December 1, 2010


yep. that is the only word to describe my lack of blogging. i would say something like..."i really will blog soon..."but the truth is i am working four days a week, we just got back from a 1300 mile road trip, and there is no end in sight. i actually lost a child today in the laundry. no. joke. so thanks for loving us enough to check in. we love you, too...and we really will be back soon...(see? i just can't help myself, i did it anyway!)


CathyBB said...

Would it help if I began emailing you Benderling requests? =)

You'll notice there was no such commentary from me since I had my all-time blogging LOW in November. Let's just say it's something in the air, and this too will pass!!!

Susan said...

I can't get baby poop off my hands long enough to type!