Tuesday, December 28, 2010


this is EXACTLY how i feel. i have been sorting through hundreds of pictures, trying to make sense of the last few months activities. this was taken on halloween (yep, that's how far i'm behind), so i thought it an appropriate place to begin. oh...and no added pressure, but i need to have this all finished by january 1, so that i can print my annual book....no pressure, right?!


CathyBB said...

Ahem... pressure? Who would place pressure? *Cough* You must be imagining it!

By the way, Nicky has a shirt like Bauer's!!!! And we didn't even TRY to plan that one! =)

Susan said...

Girl, don't get me started. Have you looked at my blog lately? ummm...dont. Who would have ever thought I'd let it go by the way-side! One day, one day!