Thursday, January 6, 2011

a boy's love of football

as we are headed to academy sports...
me: bauer, if you are a good boy while we are in this store i will let you look at something VEEERY special.
b: what is it mommy?
me: this store is a very neat has an entire row of FOOTBALLS!
eyes wide...mouth open in complete awe...
b: footballs? footballs? i LOOOOVE footballs.
i want to see them.
i want to touch them.
i want a BLUE one.
oooooohhhh FOOTBALL, i love you football.
okay, i'm a good boy, mommy. now take me to the footballs!!
i think the boy likes football, eh?

c, do you know anyone who might agree? ;)


CathyBB said...

Um, yeah, now I have to ban my son from your blog. He needs no more encouragement!!! ;)

I'll repeat your "have mercy" - the thought of those two together again! Aaaa!

Tell Mr. B. that Nick used his cash to buy a new blue and gold football.