Friday, January 7, 2011

i heart the iphone

i did it. i finally broke down and got an iphone. there are many reasons to love this wonderful little piece of technology, not the least of which is if i forget my camera...i still have one on hand! and therefore, i admit it: i am addicted. i know, i pick yourself back up off the floor and finished reading the post. ;)

for example: one day, bauer and i went grocery shopping. he was SO well behaved that i told him he could pick anything he wanted as a surprise (rookie parent mistake) so he picked candy (of course!). i looked in the backseat and saw this happy face...a boy, at long last, alone with his sisters in sight in which he might be forced to share.

and a few minutes later i saw this. can you say sugar crash?!

and who could resist this sweet boy's pleas to dress like a football player?

or to capture a moment....of shall we say...his softer side?!

and where is baby frances in all this? well...i guess she too has discovered a new love for technology. look at our little computer hacker go!!


CathyBB said...

My own personal warning, sugar in your son's hands, and an iphone? I'm overwhelmed! ;)

Jill said...

Yes, I remember seeing you the day you got your phone and you were fighting mad and cussing :) I knew in no time you would fall in love :)

Susan said...

I didn't think I needed or would want an iphone either. I was perfectly happy with my blackberry. BUT now, I'd contemplate loosing an arm before giving it up!