Saturday, January 1, 2011

a new year chef

we never have been new year's eve party goers, we have no special "traditions", and now that we have three little bits...we REALLY can't see staying up past midnight (at least not on purpose)! but leave it to miss vivian to have her own plan. last night she brought the above dish upstairs to me in bed, and said, "mommy, i made you this new year party food platter." i must admit i was impressed!! i did tell her there was ONE thing missing....a pretty little girl to help me eat it! she giggled, quickly climbed in bed and a brand new, new year's tradition was born. i only hope next year my plate of snacks will be as pretty.


The Walkers said...

Such a sweetheart!!! Even if she only wants Sydney to be the baby and her to be the mommy ;)

CathyBB said...

Would Vivian like to come see us next New Year's? I'd love to havea tray of party food brought to me in bed (or anywhere, really)! Now THIS is a tradition worth keeping. =)