Monday, January 3, 2011

special super powers

most everyday there is some sort of pretend play involving batman, superman or a combination of both. and even though i am a bit prejudice, i must say bauer does a great job always involving his sister. one recurring game is "shark". the furniture is a safe place (boats, islands, etc.) and the hardwood floors are the shark infested waters. vivian has all sorts of super powers like today when, a dress up scarf is turned into a lasso, and bauer's super powers are just too numerous to name. but today, however there was a bit of a twist...little miss frances quickly crawled up to the couch and pulled up, looking at big brother and sister with great interest. and let me say, they didn't miss a beat:
v: hurry frances, hurry...the sharks are gonna get you!
b: get her vivian, get her...the sharks will eat her feet!!
v: use your powers bauer, use YOUR POWER!
b: no, frances use your powers....frances....FRANCES, hurry...super puke* on them!!
heheeee. accurate i must admit.
*in case you haven't heard, ALL my babies are spit up royalty.


CathyBB said...

I just logged on to complain about a whole day without posts - you know, I got used to the idea in the last 48 hours or so ;) - and you beat me to it!

The Northern branch of the Spit-up Royalty tree are soooo impressed with the superpowers! Great story!

Veronica said...

Absolutely love it!! Kids are so much fun.