Tuesday, January 25, 2011


you've heard the saying, i'm sure: everyone has one (or at least, that's the edited version).

well since this is my blog here is mine:

it is wonderful, fine, and even dandy to have an opinion. i have one on lots and lots of things. but guess what? it is wonderful, fine and dandy for OTHER people to have opinions, too.

(here is the kicker folks...read closely)
they do NOT have to be the same as yours.
amazing, eh?

so here is what i propose....if someone has a differing opinion, rather than judge, admonish, or ridicule....wait, pray, ponder, and LISTEN!!!

it isn't easy...and i fail at it regularly, but i challenge you to try it! let me give you a great example...

i love this ol' bloggity world. i do. no...really, i do. because every once in a while i will read something that stirs around in my brain for days and days, and then....WHAM...i learn something new!

the other day i read a blog that reiterated an old 1950's good housekeeping article, "Women should always try to look their best when their husbands come home from work. Take about five minutes every evening before he walks in the door to powder your face, reapply lipstick and straighten the house a little." and guess what folks...i was stumped! and to be honest, i was a bit outraged. what an old school idea. i am more than just a made up face! and what about my day? i work, i clean house, i shuttle three little kids back and forth to school, i run home, run to dance, cook dinner, pay bills...and the list goes on and on. huh?! i DO appreciate all my husband does...but by five o'clock the "witching hour" has hit my house hard, and make-up is the last thing on my mind!!

hmmm...so i waited.
then i prayed...
and i pondered...
and out of the blue...today the answer was revealed through a dear friend. she simply asked me,
"when clif walks through the door, what is it that you do/or don't do to let him know you are glad he's home?"
in other words: what is your "make-up"?

wow. not too shabby. for an opinion i initially viewed old school, i couldn't wait to put it into practice. so thank you dear lord, anonymous blogger, and sweet friend...your opinions have opened my eyes...not to mention helped cliffy!

1 corinthians 12:4-6


Amy James said...

love it!

The Skinner's said...

I have read that article before & thought the exact same thing.....HOW DARE THEM!
But now, reading your blog about it, I see another side.
Thanks for the insight!