Saturday, January 22, 2011

birthday legacy

today is a very important birthday. (easter 1997)

today my mother would be 64 years old. (circa 1951)

i have been pondering how to commemorate this day. (christmas 1977)

i want my children to KNOW her. i want my children to KNOW how much their grandmother loved, wanted, and planned for them, even before they were born. that countless hours were spent hand-making everything from sock monkeys to baby blankets, saving an endless supply of baby clothes, and packing away special surprises for "someday". (our wedding 2002)

but...that when i think of all the thing she left for her grandchildren, i am most proud of her legacy. (church pictures 1996)

there isn't a day that passes where someone doesn't comment on how she touched their life in someway....and THAT makes me smile. (governor's ball 1986)

i began this blog four years ago, today. ironic? i think not. (november 1978)

my mother was all about love of family, faith, and kindness to others. mix that with an amazing ability to laugh at herself, make something from nothing, and a tad of southern "spit-fire" and you have a rich heritage i am only too happy to pass on! i pray that through my words on this blog, and my actions in life that my children will be half as proud in thirty years. (circa 1988)

so thank you grandma carolyn for all that you have done and continue to do, i love you...and happy birthday.


CathyBB said...

Okay it's a DARN good thing you warned me, because this is so definitely tears-worthy! Oh my goodness... where to begin? I literally laughed out loud over the wedding picture... and particularly again over the "tad" of southern spitfire. A tad! Well put! =)

But what I love best is how it looks like she's holding Frances in 1977... and so very much like she's holding Bauer in 1978 (and you blame his Y chromosome for his ornery undertakings?!?!? Hmmmm!), and that could almost BE Vivian in 1951! I just love it. Happy birthday to Grandma Carolyn! You know she's proud!

CathyBB said...

P.S. I still occasionally think you should look just exactly like you do in that 1986 picture! =)

And another P.S. Ralph's Roy Rogers t-shirt AND sweater - ROCK ON! =)

The Walkers said...

I bet heaven has the best birthday cake!!! And I was totally going to comment that the Christmas pic from 77 looks exactly like Frances!!!!

Jill said...

Such a sweet post!