Monday, January 17, 2011

a walk to remember

we were out of school, and off work we decided it might be fun to visit some friends...popa and dotdot! even though it was dreary out, dotdot suggested a walk to the park. i must admit i thought it was kind of nutty, but we had nothing else planned, and as she pointed out, "we will have the whole park to ourselves!" so i grabbed the kids coats and boots, and dottie (who is originally from denmark) did the "european baby swaddle" for frances, and off we went!

this little girl had a lot of fun on the swings...

and so did this little boy!!!

and after we attempted to skip rocks (a LOT of rocks) we enjoyed a stroll along the stream. but where is baby frances you ask?!

well, apparently that european baby swaddle is magic. she napped for our entire outing, plus another hour and a half....that's THREE hours total!!

yep...dottie will now be coming to my house EVERY night!


CathyBB said...

1. What happened to the snow??? It's supposed to stay until mid-March when it's hard and crunch and ugly. Didn't it know to do that?

2. You're a spectacle now, just like us! =) (I mean that in a good way.)

3. That baby's sweet nose... and the eyelashes... oh my...

4. This Danish swaddling thing was NOT passed through MY Danish blood! I feel cheated, somehow. ;) Oh, but Grandpa-Great sure could rock a baby to sleep, though!

Susan said...

Love that orange coat! And the European baby swaddle.