Thursday, February 10, 2011

and....the storm

yep...the storm hit and we got around 8 inches. it was coming down too hard to play, at first, so vivian and her friend from school spent some time on skype. (please note the insane number of toys needed for a skype playdate. interesting, eh?)

and finally (even though it was still snowing) we decided we could hold the troops off no longer. so we bundled up and headed out...bauer and big e always have a good time!

and contrary to this did frances.

and even though the snow was fluffy, and not the best for sledding...these girls didn't seem to mind. afterwards...which is quickly becoming tradition, all the neighbors gathered (this time at our house) and ate a big pot of vegetable soup, cornbread, and let the kids burn off some more energy.

it really was a "super" storm...if i do say so myself!