Friday, February 25, 2011

a little sneak peak

guess what we saw today?!

this guy!! and some of his very cool friends...

as it happened, aunt su and i had planned to take our sweet kiddos to the zoo...little did we know there was a small group of blog moms getting a preview of our new penguin exhibit! of COURSE i asked to tag along...and i must say it was AWESOME! the exhibit opens to the public march 5th.

so check it out with your little penguins!

here is the link if need be...

contrary to this picture, even frances enjoyed them!

and of course that sweet baby hayes....well he enjoys everything.

and miss d, well, she NEEDS her beauty sleep!

and after a bit, frances decided that wasn't a bad idea after all.

my new favorite (aside from penguins, of course) might be the prairie dogs. they are so fat, cute and friendly. they even pose for photos.

unlike this motley crew. ;) maybe in another five years? here is hoping!


CathyBB said...

Penguins must be so "now" because we just got them at our zoo, too. =)

I'm also partial to the prairie dogs... naturally!

Susan said...

We had so much fun despite the chilly start! You got good pictures. Mind if I steal a few? No? Good, thanks! <3 We must do it again soon. I'm gonna look into getting a family membership. Maybe for everyone's birthday?